Rubber Band Helmet Mount (Set of 2)


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Your BbTALKIN units each come with a standard helmet mount, per unit ordered. For customers’ using our products on their helmets during high impact sports, we designed this new rubber band helmet mount. These mounts are for helmets only.

You place your waterproof case inside this mount and secure it in with the rubber bands. This cradles the case and helps avoid breaking the case plastic tabs upon impact.

If the case sustains a hard impact, it is the customers’ responsibility to make sure the case is still in good condition with no cracks. Water damage to your Units is not covered under warranty.

This set comes with two extra rubber bands. Periodically check the condition of the rubber bands holding in your unit. Over time, they may need to be replaced, especially when using in salt water and hot sun. If you let the condition of the rubber bands deteriorate, you could risk them breaking which would cause it to release the unit. This is not covered under warranty.