Wake board Package – Cable / Wake / Flyboard


BbTALKIN: Recommended Wakeboard – Cable Park Package

This package is designed for waterproof communication with two people. The headphones in this package are not waterproof. They are designed for the coach on land or boat who will not be exposed to the water.

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The headphones in this package are not waterproof.


This evolutionary Bluetooth Waterproof Communication package eliminates push to talk communication! It uses long-range bluetooth technology that allows people to communicate clearly with each other on the water. This system has bridged the gap between teacher and student. This technology enhances the learning curve two fold.

This package includes a Mono Ear Pad for the student and non-waterproof headphones for the teacher. When teaching wakeboarding, either from the shoreline or boat, student and teacher are directly connected being able to communicate instant instruction and feedback. The student’s progression and development is rapidly expedited with this communication capability. This can be used for all levels of training whether advanced (Pro), intermediate or beginner.



x2 : Advance Units (A02R – 2 piece set) with all mounting accessories and waterproof cases

x1 : Mono Helmet Pad (B02R)

x1 : Non-waterproof headphones (B06C)



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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 15 cm