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Cable / Wake board – Set

$659.00 inc. GST

BbTALKIN: Recommended Wakeboard – Cable Park Package

This package is designed for waterproof communication with two people. The headphones in this package are not waterproof.  They are designed for the coach on land or boat who will not be exposed to the water.

Kite / Wind Surf – Set

$695.00 inc. GST


This package is designed for waterproof communication with two people.

The surf hat come in tan color with a chin strap you can fasten to keep the hat secure.  The hat is one size fits all and is adjustable.  Your main unit mounts onto the hat which allow the units to be placed at a high point, optimizing range.

Popular package for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), Windsurf, Kitesurf and Jet ski’s

Snow / Bike / Road – Set

$605.00 inc. GST

Weatherproof IPX5

This package is designed for communication between two people.  A common use for this package is during winter sports such as snowboard or skiing.  The main units can mount to your snow goggles. If you wish to mount the main units to your arm using the BbTALKIN arm band, please add to your cart above.  Comes with one ear bud and microphone which clips to your clothing.

When snowsking or snowboarding down the mountain, you can keep in contact with one another at all times.  This is a great safety tool.

Can also be used during other activities such as: cycling, motorcycling, hiking, etc.

This package includes two mono earbud with a microphone that can clip onto your jacket.  The main units can be attached to the strap of your snow goggles.


SUP / Jetski / SURF

$719.00 inc. GST

Two way waterproof communication package with throat microphones with ear phones.  This package is ideally designed for personal watercraft enthusiast.

The throat microphone has a sleek and lightweight design.